The HSC Team is composed of webmasters from various Catholic homeschooling websites who recognized the need for one central website to be a focal point for general information on the Catholic Homeschooling Movement. If non-homeschoolers want to learn more about the Movement as a whole, they need a quick and easy resource with information geared toward the uninitiated.

The Catholic Homeschooling Movement itself is a very new phenomena, and the study of that Movement as a whole is relatively uncharted territory. The only known work on the history and scope of the Movement is a college thesis and accompanying survey of Catholic homeschooling leaders submitted in 2008 by Mr. Draper John Warren. The information on this website will draw heavily from that work as a starting point from which to build a much broader and comprehensive resource.

It is our hope that as this site adds more resources, we will have enough traffic to support a small online community where homeschooling parents and/or students can connect.

To contact us, please send us an email at hscatholic@gmail.com

Because HSC runs Google Adsense, we are required to post a privacy policy describing how online ads operate. That policy can be found HERE. If you are interested in advertising on Homeschooling Catholic, please send us an email.

If you were looking for information on the homeschooling movement in general, and not specifically about Catholic Homeschooling, here is some statistical information:

Homeschooling by the Numbers [Infographic]

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