The HSC Team is composed of webmasters from various Catholic homeschooling websites who recognized the need for one central website to be a focal point for general information on the Catholic Homeschooling Movement. If non-homeschoolers want to learn more about the Movement as a whole, they need a quick and easy resource with information geared toward the uninitiated.

The Catholic Homeschooling Movement itself is a very new phenomena, and the study of that Movement as a whole is relatively uncharted territory. The only known work on the history and scope of the Movement is a college thesis and accompanying survey of Catholic homeschooling leaders submitted in 2008 by Mr. Draper John Warren. The information on this website will draw heavily from that work as a starting point from which to build a much broader and comprehensive resource.

It is our hope that as this site adds more resources, we will have enough traffic to support a small online community where homeschooling parents and/or students can connect.

To contact us, please send us an email at hscatholic@gmail.com

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If you were looking for information on the homeschooling movement in general, and not specifically about Catholic Homeschooling, here is some statistical information:

Homeschooling by the Numbers [Infographic]