Christendom College (Front Royal, VA)

Comments on Catholic Homeschoolers from the Director of Admissions:

Homeschoolers do very well at Christendom College. Each year approximately 50% of the incoming class comes to us from a homeschool background, although many more have been homeschooled at one point in their elementary or secondary education. One of the things we have noticed about our homeschooled students is their incredible ability to read voraciously and also to comprehend what they have read. I think this is something particular to the homeschooled student because they tend to have a little extra time during their week to read for pleasure. This ability to read quickly and comprehend what they have read comes in very handy at Christendom. In all of our classes at Christendom, we require lots of in-class reading, but also out-of-class reading, as well as much recommended reading materials. The homeschooler certainly seems to handle the vast amounts of reading very well.

Christendom does not necessarily recruit homeschoolers over others, but since Christendom’s main focus is on providing an authentic Catholic liberal arts education in the context of a fully Catholic culture, homeschoolers are definitely attracted to it. Many parents have made the choice to homeschool their children because they are not too happy with today’s culture and they want to keep some of the bad aspects of today’s culture out of their childrens’ lives. At Christendom, the college seeks to help parents in their roles of primary educators and works hard to not only keep bad things out of the campus culture, but to provide a good Catholic culture in its place.

In fact, at Christendom, one of the slogans used to advertise the school is, “Catholicism is the air that we breathe.” It doesn’t really get much more Catholic than that! The Cardinal Newman Society, in its guide, “Choosing a Catholic College,” states about Christendom: “While some colleges in this Guide may match its Catholic commitment, it is unlikely that any exceeds it.”

Thomas McFadden
Director of Admissions
Christendom College

College Video (just the first part of a great series of Christendom videos on Youtube):

COLLEGE DESCRIPTION (provided by the college)

Christendom College is a four-year coeducational Roman Catholic Liberal Arts College with undergraduate and graduate programs offered on three campuses in Front Royal and Alexandria, Virginia, and Rome, Italy.

Founded in 1977 in response to the devastating blow inflicted on Catholic higher education by the cultural revolution which swept across America in the 1960s, Christendom’s goal is to provide a truly Catholic education in fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and thereby to prepare students for their role of restoring all things in Christ.

Christendom’s 84-hour core curriculum of carefully selected subjects required for all of its 400 undergraduate students consists of three years of study in Theology, three years in Philosophy, two years in English Language and Literature, two years in Classical or Modern Language, two years in History, one year in Political Science and Economics, and one year in Mathematics and Natural Science.

The College’s main Front Royal campus overlooks the Shenandoah River with scenic views of the neighboring Blue Ridge Mountains. Students from over 45 states and 8 foreign countries are attracted to the College’s Catholic family atmosphere and its dedication to the restoration of a truly Catholic culture.

The College offers two daily Masses; daily Confession, Rosary, and Eucharistic adoration; and celebrates together many liturgical and cultural feasts. Rules governing student life include a dress code, under 21 curfew, no alcohol on campus, and no intervisitation between men’s and women’s dormitories.