John Paul the Great Catholic University (San Diego, CA)

Comments on Homeschoolers from the Director of Admissions

John Paul the Great Catholic University values the home school educational experience. Our respect for home schooling emanates from our experience–many home schooled students have graduated and excelled in our curriculum. Our first valedictorian, in fact, was home schooled in Missouri. We find that a home school formation fits the demands of our curriculum. We often ask students to think outside the box and to take ownership and apply the principles they learn to real world situations. Generally, we find that home school students show aptitude in this area because they are often asked to take increased level of initiative in their education under the guidance of parents and tutors. JP Catholic also has a demanding liberal arts core of Scripture, theology, philosophy, literature, art, and music. This is another area we think home schooled students are apt to excel. In short, we’re very interested in drawing more Catholic homeschool students to our school to help us Impact Culture for Christ. 

We have had students from many different home school backgrounds. JP Catholic has a great respect for the curriculum of Seton, Kolbe Academy, and Mother of Divine Grace. If you home school independent of an established academy, we have a transcript template you can use when applying to our institution. When we look at home school transcripts we like to see four years of English and Math, and two years of science and a language. In math, students need to advance beyond Algebra II. If you’re looking into our film, gaming, or journalism concentrations, please feel free to send us a portfolio of your work (i.e. art, films, animation).

Martin Harold
Director of Admissions
John Paul the Great Catholic University

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Focusing on the fields of communications media, business, and theology, JP Catholic was founded in 2006 and already has 110 undergraduate and 60 graduate students (as of Sept 2010). The goal of JP Catholic is to Impact the Culture by training good Catholics with a strong ethical background to go into media related fields. The Catholic influence in Hollywood is at an all-time low and JP Catholic has its eyes on increasing that influence.

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