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Comments on Catholic Homeschoolers from the Director of Admissions:

Wyoming Catholic College and homeschooled students are great for each other!  For one thing, Wyoming Catholic College treasures students who have a love of learning and a natural inquisitiveness. These are important traits, because students here learn not only from the greatest minds and talents that have graced the human race, but also from direct encounters with the world God created. Moreover, the very same reasons most Catholics have for homeschooling are why Wyoming Catholic College was founded, so we share the same ideals, values, and goals.  Many homeschooling parents have actually told us that if they could homeschool at the college level, it would look a lot like what Wyoming Catholic College offers. It comes as no surprise that homeschooled students and Wyoming Catholic College find each other to be a compelling choice—over half of our students are homeschooled. 

Homeschooled students also greatly desire to be formed as whole persons, not only intellectually but also physically and spiritually.  And that is precisely our mission, which we accomplish through our rich Great Books academic courses, our outdoor leadership and equestrian programs (which are integrated parts of our curriculum), and the authentic Catholic spirituality and community life we foster.

We actively recruit students from all manner of schooling backgrounds, however, and make no distinctions among them, as long as their high school educations have prepared them well for what we offer.  Plenty of students from other backgrounds come to us with similar skills and desires, yet it cannot be denied that homeschooled students and Wyoming Catholic College are a great match.

Mario Coccia
Director of Admissions
Wyoming Catholic College

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Wyoming Catholic College is a four-year coeducational Catholic college whose primary educational objective is to offer a traditional liberal arts education that schools the whole person in all three dimensions—mind, body, and spirit. We accomplish this by immersing our students in the beauty of the outdoors, by introducing them to the wisdom of Western tradition and thought as found in the Great Books and Good Books of the past millennia, and by making the best of the Catholic spiritual heritage part of the rhythm of daily life in our close College community. Students graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. (from the college website)

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