Modern Times (21st Century)

Though never officially resolved, the controversy in the Catholic Homeschooling Movement regarding diocesan guidelines eventually became a thing of the past. The influence of TORCH and NACHE greatly declined and bishops across the country removed obstacles to homeschoolers receiving the sacraments.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Coalition (IHM) began to host an annual conference in Northern Virginia in 2002, but soon expanded to hosting regional conferences in several cities across the country. IHM consciously promoted the message of order in all aspects of homeschooling life. In the area of doctrinal order, they insisted on an all Catholic conference at a time when most Catholic homeschooling conferences had some non-Catholic speakers and vendors. They continually emphasized the importance of fidelity to Rome, the idea of having standards in academics, the importance of order in curriculum, and the importance of discipline in the family. In addition to having the largest Catholic homeschooling conference in the country, IHM is continually expanding the number of regional conferences it hosts.

As of 2015, the Catholic Homeschooling Movement has hit something of a plateau, with its growth slowing down a little. Perhaps it is transitioning into another stage of development or waiting for its next dynamic influence. Whatever the case, with an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 Catholic homeschooled students, it remains a powerful phenomena with great potential for the future.