Curriculum Providers

Here is a list of Catholic home study programs and curriculum providers:

Seton Home Study School

Accredited by SACS (the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), Seton is the largest and one of the oldest curriculum providers. With around 11,000 fully-enrolled students in every U.S. state and over 50 countries, Seton has made a lasting impact on the success of the Catholic Homeschooling Movement as a whole. The curriculum is scholastic in method and has a reputation for being rigorous. A full team of academic counselors are on staff to help both parents and students, and Seton even has a special department for learning disabilities.

Mother of Divine Grace School

Accredited by WASC (the Western Association of Schools and Colleges), MODG was inspired by Mrs. Laura Berquist’s text, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum. A large staff of consultants help students master their way through necessary skills and analytical thinking. Structured syllabi form the core of the curriculum and recommended texts can be purchased from several retailers. While MODG prides itself on being Classical, it borrows heavily from the Scholastic Method and doesn’t have the same focus on classical civilizations as would be expected with a purely Classical program.

Kolbe Academy Home School

A strongly Classical approach, the Kolbe curriculum focuses heavily on primary sources and ancient Greek and Roman culture. Like many other classical programs, there is a high degree of order even though Kolbe prides itself on its flexibility offering three types of programs based on degree of difficulty. Study of the Greek and Latin languages is viewed as a good source of acquiring educational skills that benefit students at every level.

Our Lady of Victory School

Scholastic in Method, OLVS is the oldest of the Catholic home study programs. Setting itself apart from other programs by exclusively promoting of the extraordinary form of the Latin Rite, OLVS focuses on literature promoting traditional values and familiarity with Magisterial teachings.

Angelicum Academy

Begun in 2000, this online curriculum is modeled on the work of American philosopher and educator Mortimer Adler and is considered a “Great Books” curriculum focusing on the most influential primary sources that shaped Western Civilization.

Catholic Heritage Curricula

Not an official school, CHC only provides books and purchasable curriculum guides. CHC materials are quite popular and their curriculum guides seem to offer some structure for parents.

Homeschool Connections

While not an official school, Homeschool Connections is a subscription-based online Catholic resourse offering live and recorded video courses to families in a wide variety of topics. They seem to be the first to make effective use of online video technology to aid Catholic homeschooling.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

Appears to be Classical in method and content, offering online courses specifically for homeschoolers.

Since no one person has gone thourgh each possible curriculum, the overviews in this section may be very limited. We welcome any suggestions on how to improve our content. Find our contact information on the “About” page.