Retailers of Catholic Homeschooling Materials

Here is a list of online Catholic retailers who sell homeschooling materials:

Adoremus Books

Adoremus Books carries over 20,000 items for Catholics and homeschoolers. Catholic books, movies, gifts, and educational supplies. Your one-stop shopping place for Catholic material.

Keller Books

Purveyors of vintage children’s and traditional Catholic books. A Catholic homeschool family with 10 children themselves, the Kellers buy and sell books that enrich, nurture, and inspire.

Seton Educational Media

In addition to publishing their own titles, Seton carries hundreds of titles from other publishers–everything from pre-school workbooks to high school novels, support books for parents or DVDs for the whole family.

Sacred Heart Books and Gifts

Known for their significant discounts, Sacred Heart Books is a popular supplier of a wide array of homeschooling materials and books.

Emmanuel Books

One of the official suppliers for the Mother of Divine Grace curriculum, Emmanuel Books also has a huge catalogue of children’s titles.

This list is not exhaustive, but highlights most of the more professional and larger retailers.