North Carolina Catholic Homeschool Support Groups

North Carolina Catholic Homeschool Support Groups

If you represent a Catholic support group in North Carolina, or even if you have contact information for a group, please contact us at hscatholic(AT)

*Initial phase of information collection in progress.*

Raleigh, NC

100+ Familes
Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers (ARCH) Raleigh

ARCH offers a means of connecting Catholic homeschooling families in the Raleigh area. The group sponsors activities that are spiritual, educational, social, and sometimes athletic. Members are welcome to offer opportunities for co-ops, classes, field trips and other events, as well as support and advice on navigating homeschooling, curriculum and state regulations.
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last updated: Feb 29, 2012

*Family numbers are only a rough estimate and are supplied by the respective groups themselves.


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